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Welcome to the Open University's OpenSTEM Lab taster. From this page, you will be able to experience a small selection of the exciting equipment and opportunities offered by our remote access laboratories.

The OpenSTEM Labs project aims to challenge the traditional university STEM pedagogical model of students and teachers being co-located in a lab, during office hours. This model is an essential component of The Open University’s distance learning environment. The OpenSTEM Labs connects students to state-of-the-art instrumentation and equipment for practical enquiries over the internet, where distance is no longer a barrier and where access to equipment is available 24 hours a day. Students and teachers access the equipment via a web browser through which they can view the experiment, send real-time control commands, monitor real-time performance and download data for subsequent analysis.

Two short videos explain our approach and introduce a few of our extensive resources:

The OpenSTEM Labs summary (30 s) 
The OpenSTEM Labs backstory (6 mins)

Experiments in support of the GOLC 2018 Award submission
Below are links to some of the diverse range of equipment we have. Simply click on a link and this will take you to that experiment's landing page, as seen by our students. Here you will then be able to access the equipment. Please note, that you may have to book a session if all pieces of that equipment are being used by others. If you do book a session you should enter the experiment through the booking system at the alloted time. This will take you straight through to the equipment.

We also have scanning electron microscopes, an auto-titrator, and our radio telescope available on request from those with direct experience of these curriculum areas. Please email OpenSTEM to arrange access and further briefing.

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