Human Heart app

Subject Bio
The Human Heart is a unique application designed to support and enhance the learning of the structure and function of the heart as part of the Open University module, SK299, or as a stand-alone app. The app consists of an anatomically accurate heart which can be viewed in three dimensions, in cross section and also as a ‘zoomed in’ virtual exploration.

The app has a range of functions to help develop the learning and understanding of how the heart beats and the cardiac cycle. By selecting ‘Show pins’ all the major anatomical structures of the human heart are identified and selecting a pin provides the name and description. There is the option to show the blood flow through the heart. All the options are available as a stationary or beating heart, the rate of which can be fully adjusted aiding the understanding of the mechanical events of the heart beat.

The app will help students at all educational levels to develop and extend their knowledge and understanding of the heart beat.

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