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Introduction to S288 from the lab (recorded on Monday 3 Feb 2014)

This OU Labcast is not open to the public. It relates specifically to students of S288 Practical Science and access is restricted to those students only.

The Labcast (15 minutes)

This 15 minute Laboratory Webcast features four simple experiments inspired by a thermos flask and a bit of rock, demonstrating measurement, observation and hypothesis. This "Labcast" complements the other online practical activities that feature in the S288 Modules: immersive screen environments, interactive screen experiments, remotely controlled lab apparatus (robotic controlled telescope, remotely operated lab apparatus.


This experimental 'Introductory  Labcast' was set up to test the hypothesis that   

A live webcast can be used to show sufficient detail for experimental demonstrations to be engaging.

We are reviewing all the feedback we received via the forum - thanks for all who provided this. We will probably include a couple more Labcasts within S288 as the consensus is that the hypothesis is true.

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