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Investigate samples of Moon rock with our Virtual Microscope.

Background and nature of the task
nQuire is a system through which users can plan, manage and develop scientific investigations on topics of their own interest.

The Moon Rock Explorer inquiry is a short introduction to using nQuire. It requires limited background science and involves examining four samples of Moon rock that were collected from the Moon surface during the Apollo Program. Due to their rarity, access to the real samples is extremely limited – here they are accessed via an interactive virtual microscope that allows close examination and measurement of thin sections of the samples.

The tasks you will carry out in the inquiry include:

  • Deciding your research questions. While the inquiry is framed around a small set of Moon Rocks, it is up to you what specific research questions you want to investigate.
  • Planning your methodology. In this investigation, you have to decide what measurements are needed to answer your questions.
  • Collecting your data. Using the Virtual Microscope, you can collect reliable and accurate data about each of the samples.
  • Generating your conclusions. Based on the evidence you have collected, you can finally answer your questions.
  • Publicising and discussing your results. You have the opportunity to make the results of your investigation public and to discuss them with other users in the forums.

nQuire guides participants along these activities through a structured process, which follows the principles of the scientific method.           

Duration and pattern of use
It will take approximately 2 hours to complete the investigation.

Forums are open indefinitely for user interaction.   

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