Situ8: experience your world

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Subject Env Bio Earth

Situ8 is a tool for the delivery and creation of geolocated user-generated content.

Background and nature of the task
Situ8 is a tool designed to enable the delivery and creation of geolocated user-generated content, referred to as Media Objects or MOs. It can be used for both formal and informal learning, citizen science and collection of fieldwork data. It is especially useful for carrying out initial field observations and capturing site descriptions but can also be used to upload and share fieldwork data (multimedia, text and numerical data). Users can also browse/download existing MOs and filter then according to date, author, subject and/or tag.

Duration and pattern of use
Engaging with Situ8 can be very short, i.e. from 5-20 minutes, for those browsing existing content, or uploading small numbers of MOs, or can be part of a larger activity taking 0.5-2 hours or more.

An example activity is to observe pollinators in a grassland habitat, this will take approximately: 1 hour briefing on background to activity and writing instructions to students; 2 x 2 hours for fieldwork sessions; 3 hours for sharing/downloading of data and analysis and interpretation of results and 1 hour for discussion and debriefing.

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