Launch Pad: Rocketry

Subject Eng Phys

'Space' Award for Air Cadets: Investigating the vertical range of sky rockets



  • to understand the role of the basic design parameters and chellenges of rocketry

Below is a link to a Rocketry Simulation that allows you to investigate the conditions required for successful launching into space. (The simulation uses Flash so does not run on iPad and iPhone).

The best way to conduct the investigate this rocketry simulation is a systematic study of parameters. That means 

  • think before you act (real experiments are different from just playing around)
  • anticipate what outcome an action will have - you don't have to be right, but you should form a view of what you will learn before you launch (real launches cost money)
  • don't change more than one quantity at a time between trials (real insight comes from linking cause and effect)

After you have achieved a launch that gets beyond  500 m (a reasonable height for effective parachute deployment) answer the questions in the Rocketry Test below. Then return to see how high you can get the rocket in this simulation without switching off drag.

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