Discovering computer networks: hands on in the Open Networking Lab

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A free introduction to computer networks.

Introduction for learners

Have you ever wondered how the internet gets into your home, school, college or workplace? How do all the computers, phones, tablets, printers and other devices connect and work together?

In this free course Discovering computer networks: hands on in the Open Networking Lab, you can explore how computer networks operate, discover how data is sent around the internet, and put your understanding into practice using an inbuilt network simulator.

Most of your learning will be using videos and ‘screencasts’, which demonstrate practical skills using simulated computer networks. You will also have plenty of opportunities to try out the techniques for yourself. The course provides easy-to-use network simulation software integrated with practical online learning activities. You can then confirm your learning through interactive quizzes.

Once you have completed the course you will be able to set up, configure and troubleshoot simulated computer networks. You will understand the differences between the small-scale networks typically used in homes and the larger-scale networks used in commercial organisations. You will know how these different networks are managed, and you will have experience of practical activities using simulated versions of each.

The course is taught by lecturers at The Open University and working network engineers. Through their breadth of experience, you can gain a sound understanding of the underlying principles that enable computer networks to function, as well as practical guidance in building computer networks.

The course lasts 24 hours, with 16 sessions, two sessions to a week. You can work through at your own pace.

Enrolling on the course will give you the opportunity to earn an Open University digital badge. Badges are not accredited by The Open University but they're a great way to demonstrate your interest in the subject and commitment to your career, and to provide evidence of continuing professional development.

The course was developed by the Open University in collaboration with Cisco: a world-leading computer networking company with a longstanding record in supporting the education sector. The course development was funded by the Ufi VocTech Trust, which supports the delivery of adult vocational skills through digital technology.

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