Radio Telescope: ARROW

Subject Astro Phys

Robotically directed receiver tuned to radio emission from hydrogen in the Milky Way.  

ARROW is A Robotic Radio-telescope Over the Web.

Background and nature of the task

An individual hydrogen atom emits or absorbs radiation at a precise frequency in the radio spectrum (close to 1.4 GHz)  whenever the spin of the single bound electron changes. Spontaneous spin transitions for any one atom are extremely rare but with a sufficiently large number of atoms many transitions will take place in a short period of time. The Milky Way can be probed with this 1.4 GHz radiation because there is a slight imbalance between emission and absorption, and the observed frequencies are Doppler-shifted by galactic scale motions.

In this experiment you will make careful measurements with a 3 m radio telescope that can be unraveled to reveal the spiral structure of the Milky Way.

If you are an Educational Institution interested in using this application, please contact in order to discuss options.


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