Pendulum experiment (T212)

Subject Elec Eng
Welcome to T212's first activity in the OpenEngineering Laboratory. In this activity, you will interact over the internet with the pendulum shown above. Once you have booked a slot, you will be able to access a real pendulum workstation in our laboratory at Walton Hall.

The pendulum is controlled by a driving motor that rotates a vertical shaft back and forth in clockwise and anticlockwise directions. The pendulum is attached to this shaft by a horizontal pin, allowing it to rotate freely in a vertical plane. The driving motor can be set to oscillate regularly, moving the pin and the pendulum between left and right so that the pendulum swings back and forth. The faster the oscillating driving motor rotates the shaft, the greater the angle that the pendulum swings from the vertical. A sensor is able to read the angular displacement of the pendulum through time.

In this activity, you can set the values for the driving motor and observe the dynamic behaviour of the pendulum. This will enable you to experiment with the motion of the pendulum and its mathematical description as a sine wave, and to observe the relationship between its frequency, amplitude and phase.

The booking system for the pendulum is below. From 18 December the number of pendulums will be reduced and the number of hourly slots available increased for the remainder of the course. Consequently, the ability to book ahead also has been reduced to 1 day to ensure the equipment is efficiently used.

In advance of your session, you can visit this link using the computer, browser, and network you will use for working in the lab.

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