OEL Video Test

Welcome to the video test for the OpenEngineering Lab. This is designed to check that your computer/tablet and network combination can successfully connect to the resources in the laboratory.

Currently, the lab supports Firefox and Chrome browsers on Windows, OSX, Linux, and Android. Other browsers cannot be guaranteed to be able to fully access the lab experience. iOS does not yet fully support the technologies we use to bring you a low-latency experience. Internet Explorer will not be able to access the laboratory.

It is recommended that you revisit this page each time one of the components of your connection change. Generally, we find that corporate networks are more restrictive and may block some of the network ports required for peer to peer communications.

Problems when checking your connection to the lab
Please look at the document below 'Issues connecting to the OpenEngineering Lab' if you have problems passing the tests or pass the tests but cannot receive a video stream. If the problem persists then please post in your course forum.

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