Mount Teide geology

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Virtual microscope slides of thin sections

The Instituto de Astrofisica de Canarias Observatory del Teide is located on a ridge of a dormant volcano, about 2390 m above sea level on the island of Tenerife. Here are links to a couple of rock sections taken from this volcanic area. 

  • A basalt sample from the Teide volcano on Tenerife. Collected and loaned to us by Dr. Louise Thomas.

    The thin section is dominated by randomly oriented and interlocking tablular plagioclase grains, euherdal pink/grey pyroxenes with some colour variations, and an opaque mineral, probably ilmenite. Minor constituents include olivine which sometimes appears as inclusions in the pyroxene.

  • This sample of phonolitic welded ignimbrite comes from the Arico ignimbrite, Tenerife.

    In thin section this pyroclastic rock contains fragments of alkali feldspar and biotite with minor magnetite, hornblende and diopside, flattened pumice clasts (fiamme) and lithic fragments in a matrix of recrystallized volcanic glass shards.

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