Accessibility statement: The OpenSTEM Labs

This accessibility statement applies to the OpenSTEM Labs website, you will find more specific statements, on individual sites, where more detail is helpful for that particular area. 

The Open University’s web presence consists of several million individual pages across numerous websites. We want as many people as possible to be able to use our websites, and accessibility is an essential part of our mission. To adapt the content to your needs or preferences you should be able to: 

  • Change colours, contrasts levels and fonts. 

  • Resize text up to 200% without impact on the functionality of the website. 

  • Zoom in up to 400% without loss of information or functionality.  

  • Navigate the website using just a keyboard. 

  • tab to ‘Skip to content’ links at the top of the page to jump over repetitive information to the main content. 

  • tab through the content; the current location will be indicated by a clear visual change. 

  • control the embedded media player to play audio and video materials. 

  • Use a screen reader (e.g., JAWs, NVDA) to: 

  • listen to the content of web pages and use any functionality on the page. 

  • list the headings and subheadings in the page and then jump to their location on the page. 

  • bring up a list of meaningful links on the page. 

  • Use transcripts or closed captions with most audio and video materials. 

  • Download learning materials in alternative formats (e.g. Word document, PDF, ePub, Kindle eBook). 

  • If you have a print disability we provide SensusAccess to students, which is an automated service that converts files from one format to another, for example, PDF to text, audio, Word or Braille. 

  • AbilityNet also provides advice on making your device easier to use if you have a disability. 

For additional accessibility for websites associated with teaching and learning, students should read the Learning Accessibility Statement (you will be required to sign in using an Open University student or staff account to read this statement). If any module-specific accessibility-related guidance is needed beyond the Learning Systems Accessibility Statement, you will find this in the Accessibility Guide on your module website.  

For additional accessibility information about Student Support sites (including StudentHome, the Help Centre, Student Policy and Regulations) and other sites designed to support students you should read the Student Support Accessibility Statement.  

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