Adipose tissue: virtual microscope

A collection of annotated slides covering adipose tissue.

Background and nature of the task
This slide collection includes one set of slides with brown and white adipose tissue from normal or cold-adapted rats. It illustrates the development of brown (thermogenic) adipose tissue in cold-adapted animals. This slide set is one component of an Open University module, ‘Practical Science’ (S288). The sections are presented through a virtual microscope that models the functions of a conventional light microscope. Each section has an active descriptive legend that acts as a tutorial, by shifting the stage directly to the features described.

Instructions on how to use the microscope are given in the help file. Background reading material on histology and microscopy is provided in the free OpenLearn course linked to below:

Histology, microscopy, anatomy and disease | OpenLearn - Open University

The sections were produced by Open University students, doing practical classes at summer schools in ‘Animal Physiology’.

Duration and pattern of use
This activity should take 1-2 hours or longer.

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