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Histology & histopathologyHistology & histopathologyVirtual petrographic microscopeVirtual petrographic microscopeThe Digital Geology KitThe Digital Geology KitPressure vessel (T272)Pressure vessel (T272)A-level: virtual microscopeA-level: virtual microscopeFlame test IIFlame test IIElementary flame testElementary flame testGraph plotterGraph plotterThe Interactive BrainThe Interactive BrainExploring nature with iSpotExploring nature with iSpotSorting out soilsSorting out soilsTreezillaTreezillaVM for Earth sciencesVM for Earth sciencesPlanets and moons labcasts (S283, Moons MOOC)Planets and moons labcasts (S283, Moons MOOC)t-Testt-TestVariation in vegetation: the heather hypothesisVariation in vegetation: the heather hypothesisHominid skull evolutionHominid skull evolutionLeaf Structure as Environment IndicatorLeaf Structure as Environment IndicatorOptical MicroscopeOptical MicroscopeVirtual Skiddaw: 3D geology field tripVirtual Skiddaw: 3D geology field tripThe OpenScience LaboratoryThe OpenScience LaboratoryAdipose tissue: virtual microscopeAdipose tissue: virtual microscopeUsing the digital microscope to count leukocytes in blood samplesUsing the digital microscope to count leukocytes in blood samplesDNA quantitationDNA quantitationIgneous & metamorphic rockIgneous & metamorphic rockMaps and landformsMaps and landformsMeasuring levels of nitrates in spring water (SXHL288)Measuring levels of nitrates in spring water (SXHL288)Sedimentary rocks and fossilsSedimentary rocks and fossilsFourier (T212)Fourier (T212)OEL Video TestOEL Video TestMt Teide geologyMt Teide geologyComparing ecosystem benefits with TreezillaComparing ecosystem benefits with TreezillaA-Level Virtual microscopyA-Level Virtual microscopyEating for energyEating for energyIntroducing BaxterIntroducing BaxterBlue Planet II labcastsBlue Planet II labcastsFine Beam TubeFine Beam TubeField Network SystemField Network SystemEcological interactions on iSpotEcological interactions on iSpotPesticide analysis with GC-MSPesticide analysis with GC-MSLight HarvestersLight HarvestersVOFTVOFTCampus Weather StationCampus Weather StationBody tissues under the microscope (SDK100)Body tissues under the microscope (SDK100)Compton scatteringCompton scatteringThe OpenSTEMLabsThe OpenSTEMLabsQuantitative PCR analysisQuantitative PCR analysisPIRATE facilityPIRATE facilityStudying Science at the OUStudying Science at the OUPendulum (T212)Pendulum (T212)