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  • Maps and landforms

    Subject Env Earth

    Learn how to interpret maps and how to use a compass.

  • nQuire authoring tool

    Subject Gen

    Create, modify and manage scientific investigations with nQuire.

  • DNA quantitation

    Subject Bio Chem

    Spectrometry, micropipette, dilutions, quantitation, quality checks, controls.

  • S288 Labcast 2 replay

    Subject Gen

    Half life of metastable Ba137 & advice on TMA01 (recorded on Thursday 27 March 2014)

  • VM for Earth sciences

    Subject Earth Env

    Examine 3D specimens and microscope images of rocks, meteorites & moon rocks.

  • S288 Labcast 1 replay

    Subject Gen

    Introduction to S288 from the lab (recorded on Monday 3 Feb 2014)

  • Explore the Moon with nQuire

    Subject Earth

    Investigate samples of Moon rock with our Virtual Microscope.

  • What's in water: freshwater invertebrates

    Subject Env Bio Chem

    An investigation into river quality using freshwater invertebrates.

  • Flame test II

    Subject Chem Phys

    A simple demonstration of the characteristic colours produced by metallic salts in flames.

  • Virtual Skiddaw: 3D geology field trip

    Subject Earth Env

    A virtual field trip in the Lake District of the UK.

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